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the true meaning of life.
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against nature and ourselves...
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Join us at this perfect kitesurfing spot for a mind blowing
kiting experience and an adventure you will never forget!

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Kitesurfing in the Quirimbas Archipelago

Quisiva Island is the perfect destination in the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique for a kitesurfing holiday. With trade winds offering steady and predictable winds, a butter smooth speed strip in the lee of the unique sand spit and wave riding on the outer reef, Ilha Quisiva has everything your heart desires as a beginner or pro kitesurfer. If you enjoy endless downwind tours, 200 nautical miles of island archipelago will be a kitesurfers playground made in heaven for you. We can even package downwind kiteboarding tours with one of our luxury catamarans, offering you a week of endless kitesurfing from island to island, while still enjoying the comfort of a luxury yacht charter. So join us at this perfect spot on your all inclusive holiday for a mind blowing kiting experience and an adventure you will never forget!

An IKO certified kitesurfing school will be available on the island for beginners who want to learn to kiteboard by taking lessons with a qualified instructor.

Weather Forecast for Kitesurfing

Ilha Quisiva lies north of the cyclone belt and enjoys an all year round season. The best time of the year for a kitesurfing trip is in the winter time when the SE Trades (Southern Monsoon) are in full swing (April to August). Expect 15 to 25 knots daily and air temperatures of around 28 - 30˚C, with a water temperature of 27˚C. Summer air temperatures reach around +33˚C.

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